We have made your home-buying journey much easier and we can guarantee you get enough CASH BACK on your purchase. 

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With our fully automated feature, you can kick off your homebuying journey seamlessly. Just like buying from an online store!

Finalise all your contracts and finances from a single, user-friendly interface, eliminating the hassle and making your home purchase process smoother – All digitised.

Once you have settled into your new house, we will issue as much as $10,000 AUD in cashback. This lump sum is in cash and it’s up to you however you want to use it – other than the fact that our houses are all completed and fully turnkey, you might want to buy something special for a favourite room or spend it for a housewarming party!

All the legwork is done digitally and that makes it less of a hassle and cost-effective which is why we are able to CASHBACK to YOU.

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How it works

With our fully automated feature, you can kick off your homebuying journey seamlessly – Just like buying from an online store!


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Frequently asked questions

The idea may appear to be too good to be true, which is a common reaction we encounter frequently. Our goal is to increase the affordability of homes, and we achieve this by returning to you a portion of the sales commission that makes up a small but significant portion of your purchase.

Our policy is to be transparent about our pricing, with no hidden costs. We don’t work with anyone who provides incomplete products or tries to upsell you after you’ve already put down a deposit. Every property we sell is fully completed, including the turf and driveway, unless specifically stated otherwise. While it may seem like our prices are slightly higher, in reality, it’s a more cost-effective option in the long term. No nasty surprises at the handover of your property and completion.

Because we have initially capitalized on our platform and system to make it all digital and automated – we eliminate most of the legwork associated with purchasing a property. This includes a lot of people involved in every deal. Thus allowing us to make use of the saved funds to give back as cash to new property owners.

We offer completed and ready-to-build properties. It can range from house and land to dual keys to give you more than just a home but also a passive income.

The cashback we offer is a huge $10,000AUD regardless of the property type and amount. You will need to log in to view the list of properties we have available.

After 14 days after the Frame is in place, you will receive the cashback incentive. Meaning before moving into your new home, you already have extra cash on hand that you may use before moving in.

Cashback Properties will pay you the $10,000 directly.

Anyone can purchase a property through Cashback Properties and avail themselves of the $10,000AUD cash at settlement. 

  • first-time homeowners
  • upcoming homebuyers
  • Investors
  • Owner Occupiers
  • consortiums

Anyone can acquire property through us, and we welcome buyers from overseas.

We have an in-house broker who can help you in securing the finance and any grants available, all we will require you to sign a commitment form and details to support the below;

  • a minimum of one consistent, full-time income
  • Home down payment (at least 5% of the purchase price)
  • Little to no debt, Credit cards, huge loans, etc.)

We update the listings on a daily basis, and we can tailor-fit your ideal property based on the sourcing form that you will initially complete and that will be saved on your profile.

We can help you with preapproval as it is very hard to go shopping without a budget.  We have an in-house broker who can arrange all of this for you to start with but you are not locked into using them.

The amount of the rebate, the interest rate, the deposit, and other variables will all affect your mortgage payments. We can estimate your repayment amount, and this is with the help of our in-house broker, who will provide you with a financial health check and an estimate of the borrowings and your capacity for repayments.

There is also a repayment or mortgage calculator that you can use to get an idea of how much and how feasible a property is for you. The establishment of a budget is very important 

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$ 2,281 Monthly
  • Up to $4k cashback based on settled loan amount
  • No ongoing fees
  • Extra repayments & redraw facility


$ 2,145 Monthly
  • No application or ongoing fees. Annual rate discount
  • Unlimited redraws & additional repayments. LVR <80%
  • A low-rate variable home loan from a 100% online lender. Backed by the Commonwealth Bank.


$ 2,256 Monthly
  • Make additional repayments without penalty
  • Free online redraw on extra repayments you've made
  • Awarded Forbes 2023 World's Best Banks

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